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Four Classes for use with The Black Hack second edition.

So what do you get in this bundle of classes?

The Karcist, which is a spin on the themes of the warlock plus some ideas from TBH’s wizard (namely the spells). I liked the idea of reframing a warlock’s spells as contracts, given their relationship with magic.

The Arcanist, similar on the surface to a wizard or scholarly mage the main feature of the Arcanist is their flexible and customizable spell fomulae. Mix and match domains, effects, and elements for wild combinations.

The Dragoon, slightly less associated with dragons than in other fantastical and final media, and more about being a mobile, heavy hitter. Still wanted to capture the moment of anticipation before a massive attack.  

The Scoundrel, all about spinning webs of favors, debts, and contacts. Also can make enemies more susceptible to attack. Kinda like the Thief, but more social, and just a tad less stabby.

These four classes are untested, probably unbalanced, but I had fun making them so that's what really matters. 

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