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Granted a new unlife and bound to protect the endless Tomb- City. You are lonely sentinels wandering the ancient darkened streets, recovering blessed relics, and fighting back shadowy aberrations.

But is there more?

The powerful Death Masks you wear grant you powers, but what do they obscure?

What is the Tomb-City? Why are you shackled to it? What is beyond the boundaries of this dead realm?


Death Mask is a short, rules-lite dark fantasy roleplaying game. Take on the role of a Revenant, explore the sprawling Tomb-City, fight deadly monsters, seek the truth.

Death Mask requires a mix of four, six, and eight sided dice, one GM and 2-4 Revenants.

Classes Occultist: You harness ancient magics that litter the Tomb-City. Choose an environmental tag to bring into the scene as a magical effect.  Weaver: You rework the tapestry of reality around you. Change a single environmental tag to reflect one of your Traits. Knight: Your blade hungers. When you slay an Aberration, you may steal a tag from it, replacing your current descriptor.

The background and colored text layers can be toggled on and off in a pdf reader for easier printing. 

Death Mask was originally written for the 9th Level Games, Level 1 Anthology for Free RPG Day 2021, which is now a Ennie winning anthology! The anthology won gold at the 2022 Ennies for Best Free RPG Product. You can check out the digital version of the whole anthology over at 9th Level Games' site here!

@sporkmylife on twitter whipped up a handy online character keeper for players to use - which you can download for your own use here.

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AuthorOstrichmonkey Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsDark Fantasy, Horror, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I love how slick and clean it is while also being incredibly flavor rich and immersive. Even without a bunch of random tables or illustrations its effectively evocative and I can picture the dark dwellings of the Tomb City. Would love to see this expand with adventures or something in the future, shit maybe I'll make one myself... 

if you're reading this, do not fear, DON THE DEATH MASK. you won't regret it.


Wow thanks for the review!! Really glad you dig it. I would also love to do some more stuff with Death Mask in the future (and huge eyes emoji at any stuff you might end up doing).

You should be able to toggle the background and text layers in the pdf to get white bg + black text (but I'm now unsure how universal that is across readers ...). I'll  add in a printer friendly version to the downloads, no problem.