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Distant, Cold, and Beautiful is a starlit fantasy role-playing game supplement.  

It contains three main parts; a constellation generator, options for introducing sidereal - star-based - magic into your fantasy role-playing game, and a system agnostic playbook - The Starborn - for playing an individual who is infused with the Starlight of the distant constellations. All three pieces are interconnected, but can be used separately and hacked, changed, shifted, and warped as you see fit. You can layer these resources into existing systems or use them to inspire future games. 

Sidereal magic is a new way to call upon the power of the constellations and receive guidance and boons. It uses a unique dice-pool system, a descendant of the system introduced in Blessings and Bones, that is based off the constellations you generate. The exact nature of the constellations you create will change the dice-pool and the kinds of magic you are granted by these distant stars. 

The Starborn is a playbook meant to be adapted to other fantasy role-playing games, or played as is. As a Starborn, Starlight naturally flows through your veins and you have a unique connection to sidereal magic and and the constellations themselves. You may even someday, take your place in the sky as a constellation. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Would be nice with some (optional) "systems" for some of the stuff that's left as "do what you feel like". Like "pick a suitable number of stars or roll d8+2"

Really cool ideas though, and I'm definitely gonna be using this for some unique constellations in fantasy RPG's


Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate the feedback!

The intent with the "do what you feel like" mechanics was to make making decisions feel more, "intuitive/contemplative" as I've been reading a lot of tarot/oracle-deck based games. Though I totally get what you're saying! "Roll a d8+2" works really well for picking a number of stars, especially if you want to mostly just use the generator or are trying to make a large group of constellations in a shorter amount of time.