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Explore an ancient forest-swamp. Encounter beasts and wanderers. Find strange gifts and charms. Confront ancient standing stones that loom in the far depths of the Forest, wreathed in mystery. You may even face one of the strange and secret gods that rule this primeval realm. 

Enter the Forest contains sets of random tables that you can use to generate unique locations, encounters, and treasures within the Forest.  System neutral, you can slot this in with preexisting campaigns or use it as inspiration for future adventures.

Included in the downloads are both printer friendly and unfriendly tri-fold pamphlets. Along with a more traditional screen-friendly pages version. 

Enter the Forest is thematically linked to, and compatible with Bones and Blessings.

Check out this generator that uses the tables to get an idea of what you might find within the Forest.

If you've ever wanted the experience of being one of the strange forest gods, you can come reasonably close using the Forest God Troika! background

The companion and followup to Enter the Forest is now available. Enter the Palace explore the cursed and haunted halls of the Imperial Palace. If you own Forest you can claim a special Forest God discount on Palace by following this link

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AuthorOstrichmonkey Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsrandom-tables, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Any suggestions/recommendations for using this with Trophy Gold?


Ooh, using this with Trophy Gold is a great idea. Off the bat, you could probably use it to help populate sets with some extra encounters (throwing together some monsters pulling from the encounter list/Wanderer table shouldn't be too difficult). The Charms and Boons tables would be great for Treasures. 

If you wanted to organize Enter the Forest itself into more of an incursion, I'd probably have a set closer to whatever settlement you choose, maybe one at the margins of the Forest, one near a standing stone, and probably one where you encounter one of the forest gods. 

Honestly, this is just giving me some ideas to do some more Trophy Dark/Gold compatible options for this, so we'll see if that goes somewhere.  

Just read this, and it's delightfully eerie with a wealth of outcomes to dig into, highly re-useable and really gets those creative juices flowing! Just going through it I already began to imagine the forest and running my players through it...


Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully any players don't encounter something too spooky (unless, too spooky is just what they need).

Really love this pamphlet. Especially the unique grid roll-tables.

Glad you enjoy it! I really appreciate the comment!