First Update

Here's the first major-ish update for Extracausal! It includes some general editing, rules clarifications, a new Assist/Teamwork mechanic, and two new tables to help you create mysterious locations to explore. 

I've also added a character keeper for those who prefer to play digitally! If you'd like the google sheet version let me know and I'll share the link. 

And lastly, a huge thanks to everyone involved in the first playtest! Your ideas and criticisms helped hugely. 

If you reading this right now have read or played Extracausal, please tell me about your experiences!


Extracausal Final Pages 3 MB
Mar 05, 2020
Extracausal Final Spreads 3 MB
Mar 05, 2020
Extracausal Character Keeper - Blank 491 kB
Mar 05, 2020


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