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Explore the endless threads of the Skein in a procedurally driven liminal dungeon crawl compatible with Liminal Horror, or any other modular horror tabletop role-playing game.  

Face the horrors and hauntings of reality’s backstage. Delve deep, become changed. Escape if you can. 

Layers of Unreality features over thirty random tables used to create the endless Rooms that make up the Skein, the strange, haunting liminal space behind reality. Use the tables to procedurally generate an endless crawl through the Skein, explore thirty different unique locations, encounter ten new creatures, craft new characters with ten new backgrounds, and be forever changed with ten new Stress Fallouts tailored to the horrors of the Skein. 

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorOstrichmonkey Games


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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It's ok that Disk creature also named Doppelganger, and Haunted Doll don't have attacks?


If damage isn't listed, use a d6 as the default!

And thanks for catching that typo on the disc, I've updated the main files to correct it!


An absolute terror to read, subtle and intoxicating. The emergent narrative the tables provide is exquisite.


Thank you Rae!!