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Welcome to the Patchwork Kingdom; a land with no kings, queens, or otherwise; though with at least one throne depending on who you ask. Those who call the Patchwork Kingdom home are rarely from this land. Those who wish to leave the Patchwork Kingdom are rarely from abroad. Within the Kingdom, folk-lore and dream-logic are at play. It would not be unexpected to reach up and pluck the moon out of the sky. If someone hadn’t already done that and accidentally dropped it down a storm drain. 

The lands you get to stroll through, are, loosely connected. As if someone had made a quilt out of some disparate ideas but also wasn’t very talented at quilting. It’s possible to dig too deep and fall out of; to walk too far and reach the edge of everything. Though, contrary to popular opinion, the Edge of the World is currently no-where near the edge of the world.

The Kingdom is never outwardly hostile, its features nor inhabitants. You are as likely to attend a grand dinner party as you are face a ferocious beast. And often, that dinner party is more likely to be more ferocious than the beast. 

You can and will find an eclectic group of folks living in the Kingdom, which now includes yourself. 

A Stroll Through the Patchwork Kingdom is a setting of nine interesting locations plus a series of random tables to help you fill out those interesting locations. Patchwork Kingdom is meant to be used with your light-weight fantasy-ish role-playing game of choice, or with the included three-page system located in the back. 

Patchwork Kingdom was made for the #ReCo2k20 jam and is inspired by the album Designer by Aldous Harding


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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A small, gorgeously written game that has a lot of charm. Loved reading it.