Reaching in the Dark - Revised Edition!

The Revised Edition is finally here! In it you'll find a bunch of added text aiming to help you run and play this game. There are a few minor mechanical tweaks between Revised and the original game jam edition, along with some extra advice and examples on how to best embody your Form, channel The Land as the Choir, create and use tags, and create and use extra custom Moves as extra narrative advancement options. 

To go with the new edition, a new Form Sheet is also available as a free demo download. It (and the main pdf file) have layers, so you can turn off extra details in most pdf viewers to make printing a bit easier on your ink budget. 

Along with the new version comes a new pricing model and community copies! With the community copies, please claim them for whatever reason. No questions asked. 

Thanks to everyone who has read, played, and downloaded this game and I hope you enjoy the new edition. 


Reaching in the Dark - Revised Edition 8 MB
Oct 29, 2019
Form Sheets - Revised (free demo download) 87 kB
Oct 29, 2019

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