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A Misty Fantasy PbtA game inspired by the tone and feel of Florence + The Machine’s High as Hope, best played over short games or one-shots. 

This is a game of having Lost and hoping to Find. Of exploring The Land encased in mist and dew. Players take on the role of beings who have drifted into The Land having lost pieces of themselves. One person takes on the role of the Choir. It is the Choir’s job to weave together the strings of narrative the players provide and act as the conduit for The Land’s own will. 

What is misty fantasy?

Wandering through a forest, dew on your lip, sunlight dappling the mossy earth. An old doorway stands alone at the end of a crumbling brick road. Ocean spray on a cliffside as the pale clouds gather. Soft sounds and sights that flicker at the edge of your perception. Weightless beings that hide amongst the shadows and reflections. Misty fantasy is meant to be evocative. You are here to capture emotional and sensory moments, with a hint of the vague and surreal. Misty embodies the enthralling melancholy of the album that inspired this game, and fantasy is here because the world you play in is magical. But in keeping with that swirling and mysterious tone, the magic isn’t meant to be explained. It is meant to be experienced.

So, now it is time for you to conjure forth your Form and venture into the mists of The Land. Who knows what you may Find?

Form sheets for recording your Form are available as a free demo download below, as well as included in the full download.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorOstrichmonkey Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsPbtA, reco2k19, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Form Sheets - Revised.pdf 87 kB
Reaching in the Dark - Jam Edition 6 MB

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Form Sheets - Revised (free demo download) 87 kB

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Reaching in the Dark is a PbtA game inspired by Florence + the Machine's High as Hope album. You play as beings exploring a misty land hoping to find something you've lost. The layout is fantastic, and the writing is very poetic/lyrical.