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Enter the Riverlands

The Riverlands rests at the heart of the world. A great current of life and movement that winds and weaves its way through the mountains and valleys of the central continent. The Riverlands stretch from the south to the far north, acting as the lifeblood of continental travel and trade.

The Riverlands are a region of vibrancy and mystery. A colorful mosaic of peoples that call it home, and the strange twilight forest that surrounds it.

They say the waters of the Riverlands flow through the veins of its peoples; the coursing of their blood a reflection of the racing currents all around them. All manner of peoples can be found along the water banks, the lake shores, the wetlands, and forests. Millennia of travel along the rivers have led to a mosaic of cultures and traditions found nowhere else. From the heron-fishers of the Summer Lakes, the famed astrologers of the Blue Fens, to the many nomadic boat-folks, all call this land home.

Explore the bustling and vibrant City of Bridges, the mysterious and primeval Forest, the distant and crumbling Empire, and even further afield. Inside you can find; 

  • 26 unique system neutral backgrounds. From a river-sailing Small Captain, to a mysterious Godmaker, each background provides a glimpse into the world. 
  • Lists of people, places, tokens, rituals, and treasures. Will you explore the Upper Market of the City of Bridges, seek a Ghost Adder-Stone from deep within the Forest, or stumble upon the secrets of Dusk's Landing? 
  • 11 random tables, including rumors, encounters, items, characters, locations, and more. 

Slot the Riverlands into a preexisting campaign, or use it to inspire a wholly new one in the system of your choice.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorOstrichmonkey Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, setting, system-neutral, Tabletop role-playing game


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