Full Release Is Here!!

The final pdf is out now! Go check the downloads to check out the incredible final version of Vibe Check. I'm so excited for people to finally have this in their (digital) hands and really get to exploring what the Inversion hides. This game wouldn't have been possible without everyone who contributed to the itchfunding, which allowed me to have some incredible artists who helped bring the Inversion to vibrant, neon, stylish, life. Just gonna drop all those links again here; 

But there's still more Vibe Check to come! In the next few days (but likely after the holidays) a pages and black and white version of the core book will be added to the downloads, and then Beneath the Mirror, which contains all the unlocked stretch goals will be released in the next several months! I've got plans to further support Vibe Check with more content releases, so stay tuned for more info!

If anyone has questions or plays the game and wants to talk about it, drop me a line over in the comments or on twitter!

Lastly, as a treat, some previews of the final spreads while you wait for those downloads to finish 👀


Vibe Check 1.0 - Full Color Spreads 126 MB
Dec 21, 2021
VIBE CHECK - Enter the Inversion - epub 49 kB
Dec 21, 2021
Vibe Check - Character Sheet 76 kB
Dec 21, 2021

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